three steps to success

There are many ways of getting your business noticed overseas including exhibiting at trade shows, speaking at conferences, sponsorship or embarking on advertorial marketing campaigns. There is considerable expense in each, not just in the creation of marketing collateral and resource, but in the time and effort required to turn these strategies into reality.

WMM does away with the expense and risk involved in these approaches. Use us to present your business to a shortlist of profiled potential partners already well aware of what you do and your plans for growth; all before you've even reached for your purse.


Pitch your business

Tell us about yourself and your plans for business growth. All we need to know at this stage is what you do, why you do it best, who you want to notice you, and how you want to grow.

Cities around the world are home to industry clusters forming through innovation and enterprise. Your business could be the missing link, and may even be subject to national support or inducement.

We know from our network of international trade promotion agencies if your profile matches the demands of potential business partners looking for your expertise elsewhere in the world.


create a profile

Once we are confident that through matchmaking we can help you realise your goals, we’ll provide you with a password in order to create an anonymous member profile.


We will then pitch your business to potential partners through our global network of overseas agencies, drawing attention to your specific capabilities as they relate to the markets you wish to enter. Whether it’s your potential contribution to national infrastructure, innovation in an emerging or saturated marketplace, we will showcase your business where it is likely to have the greatest reception, in accordance with your direction.


find a partner

Once we’ve found you one or more receptive potential partners, we’ll arrange an online meeting and give you the platform to pitch them in your own words. And you can do so with the full confidence that they have already expressed an interest.


The meeting will be curated and arranged online by WMM, and structured in such a way as to give you the maximum benefit from your time on the call.


At this point your anonymity will be lifted, and once we have exchanged the paperwork that ensures our commission on limited terms, your destiny is in your hands.

There’s no initial cost, and we will find you the partners you need. If we can’t, then you won’t be charged a thing. Nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


All you need to do is push the button and begin the journey.

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