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Working with trade promotion organisations around the world, cementing partnerships developed over a decade dedicated to helping businesses expand overseas, WMM has a strong grasp of the kind of enterprise being sought to grow economies in cities around the world.

We can use our channels to establish potential partners actively seeking businesses like yours, and tailor your proposition for maximum effect before an introduction takes place. A cost-effective approach to marketing built around editorial and media presence rather than branding, increases the odds in your favour.

Support your pitch with an advocacy strategy that is right for the market, backed by compelling editorial

Your audience will be more inclined to sit up and take notice if your reputation extends into the international trade media. When it comes to advertising, aim higher than simple branding for your company. You have a story to tell, and we can help get that story into the relevant publications. 


With a background in international business media, we know the world of publishing, and we can help you produce material that the media will carry.

Thailand lands international airshow

WMM facilitated an agreement between the Royal Kingdom of Thailand and Farnborough International Limited (FIL), organiser of the market-leading Farnborough International Airshow, for the organisation under licence of an airshow in Thailand.


The partnership, which will give FIL and its affiliates a strategic foothold in South East Asia, saw WMM curate the initial and secondary meetings, advising both parties on the merits of cooperation on such a project in Thailand.

“The United Kingdom is a top priority for Thailand and the role of organisations such as TCEB, our partner in Thailand and a proven and capable partner for 

UK businesses looking to trade outside the European Union,” said director of WMM Antony Reeve-Crook.

Click here for the full article on Exhibition News.

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