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11   /   06   /   2019

A city often overlooked in favour of Norway’s capital Oslo and the oil production centre Stavanger, Trondheim is home to innovation and enterprise that befits being the academic capital of a country with the world’s greatest ratio of graduates to population.


Just shy of one third of the population has attained a degree-level education, and this can be seen in effect in all walks of society. A naturally inquisitive and informed populace ensures significant expenditure in projects that help turn this most valuable of resources into an industrial output that appeals on a global scale. 


And to do so in a city of 350,000 with a natural affinity for the outdoors, where winter sports, fishing on the fjord and bucolic beauty is embraced in parallel with a groundbreaking and sustainable approach to industrial excellence, makes Trondheim truly the place to Meet with Tranquility.

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