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  • Antony Reeve-Crook

Putting the glamour into exhibitions

Cannes may be home to an event palace, but the city has an identity all of its own.

(Article for Exhibition World, October 2017)

Words such as infrastructure, or connectivity tell only half the story of a successful exhibition destination. There are many elements aside from venue and transportation that you cannot commission.

These are the destinations where the town itself is the star, the real host of an event that on paper takes place under the roof of a single venue.

San Diego’s Comic-Con is an obvious example here, for anyone who remembers the fanbase outcry when talk emerged of the then wall-bound event moving to larger premises in Los Angeles. Or look at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland, which brings comedy and thought provoking performance to every venue and street corner with space for a performer and a microphone.

Cannes is one such place that is imbued with the glamour of international events. It takes great pride in its heritage as an exhibition town, home to shows that do not just play to an international audience, but are celebrated around the world.

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