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  • Antony Reeve-Crook

Empowering Asean exhibitions

Big plans are underway in Thailand and development on the eastern sea board is just one part of the picture

(Article for Exhibition World, October 2017)

Asia's continued global dominance as the home for investment and economic growth shows no sign of abating as we approach the third decade of the 21st Century. International momentum provided by the titans of industry such as China, India, Japan, Korea and the ASEAN gives the continent continued dominance over the front pages of magazines in just about every industry outside of petrochemicals.

Because while it remains home to almost half the world's population, the combined production wealth of Asia today accounts for 32 per cent of global GDP.

In the South East of the continent, Thailand’s centrality forms a natural hub connecting Asian economies from north to south, ranging from China to Indonesia, and from east to west, linking Vietnam to Myanmar.

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