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  • Antony Reeve-Crook

Raising the odds of our exhibitions’ success

(Photo: The Sandton Convention Centre, host of this 2017 UFI Global Congress)

As anyone on their way to Johannesburg this week will know, Raising The Odds is the theme of this year’s UFI Global Congress. The congress, now in its 84th edition, has been conceived to help delegates increase the chance of achieving their goals and the goals of their clients.

With the evolution of exhibition formats, markets are expanding, shifting in such a way that our businesses are continuously presented with new revenue sources. Much of this comes from the digitisation of exhibition businesses. Exhibitions co-exist with online counterparts and therein lies a great deal of potential revenue, be it derived from the collection and exchange of data, dissemination of content or good ol’ fashion sponsorship and advertising.

Opportunities arise from market pressures and in catering for the increasing demands of our audiences, we also encounter new ways in which to boost revenue. This is a concept encapsulated in UFI’s secondary catchline for this year’s congress: ‘Pressures and profits in the exhibition industry’.

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