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  • Antony Reeve-Crook

ArciMedia produces latest edition of Exhibition World

ArciMedia has produced the third in a trio of editions of Exhibition World magazine, featuring great contributors waxing lyrical on the future of the industry and current trends. This edition, the final one to be produced by ArciMedia, includes new markets; how to make the most of a dying event; new tech platforms; venue development; and in-depth destination focus pieces on India and Hong Kong, as well as an interview with VisitBritain's Kerrin MacPhie and Cassandra Farrington - the doyen of the fast-expanding marijuana dispensary tradeshow.

You can read it in full on Mash Media's website here.

It's been a pleasure to slip on the lanyard once again and revisit the aisles of the international exhibition industry with notebook in hand, and of course ArciMedia will continue to play a significant role in the industry in numerous other ongoing capacities.

Client publishing is a core component of ArciMedia's business, and we believe these three editions show just what can be achieved when you engage a great team to provide a colourful industry such as international events with a magazine that truly reflects the subject matter.

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