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  • Antony Reeve-Crook

Peru sailing with, not against, global headwinds

Image: The Nazca lines, Peru

With the inaugural UFI Latin America Conference taking place in Mexico City next month, the exhibition industry will soon be paying more attention than usual to a region with a combined GDP of almost $9.5 trillion (Caribbean countries taken into account).

The region presents a mixed bag in terms of opportunity for global organisers and I’m interested to see what the focus of conversation will be both on stage where the content is planned, and in the breaks where the discussion will not be filtered (unlike the coffee, we hope).

Because depending on who you are speaking to, fortunes in the region vary significantly.

There is good news for organiser and investor alike. Last year we saw, for example, activity in the region from more than 25 new global venture capitalist firms – aiding transformation among the start-ups that typically frequent organiser show floors.

For the full article, visit the UFI blog here

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