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  • Antony Reeve-Crook

Destinations of Contrast

Many of the world’s leading business event destinations are victims of their own success. Visit Paris and you’ll expect to experience a view from the Eiffel Tower, a ride on the Seine, and a walk around Notre Dame. Visit Dubai and you can replace the Eiffel Tower with the Burj Khalifa, the Seine for the sand dunes and Notre Dame for the Dubai Mall. Intrigue and surprise often fall victim to an itinerary built around Blue Riband experience.

However, some destinations are working hard to challenge perceptions and re-instil that sense of wonder to the delegate experience. Here, WMM director Antony Reeve-Crook looks at event destinations offering contrasting experiences for event organisers.

Oslo gets its groove back

It may surprise you to know that while the capital Oslo sits on the northern shore of the Oslofjord, the channel has for years been relatively inaccessible to the city's inhabitants.

But the times they are-a-changing. Thanks to the Fjord City Project, a campaign nearing maturity that aims to reignite this aspect of the city's identity, miles of promenade space now exists where residential apartments once stood. Venues such as a new Opera House, museum dedicated to the work of Scream artist Edvard Münch and Thief spa hotel, flanked by new dining experiences and plenty more meeting space are all new additions to the waterfront, allowing for incentive opportunities with a view.

For the full article in EVINTRA magazine, click here

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